I create affordable Paranormal Investigation Apps that are available for everyone!

I also like to invent and make my own Ghost Hunting Equipment

Around 2012 there was a surge in “Spotted” pages on Facebook. I thought this would be a good opportunity to create a “Spotted” page about something other than a city or village and something that I was interested in.

So I created the “Spotted: Ghosts” page and literally within a few days had over 15,000 likes. That was a bit crazy and slightly overwhelming! A few other people tried to copy me but their pages soon fizzled out.

Lots of people from all over the world sent me pictures, videos and stories about ghosts and the paranormal. It was a great place to share these stories and be in a safe environment (I blocked anyone that was being a muppet).

Over the years the website progressed, I no longer just shared peoples stories or pictures, I started to heavily research into the paranormal!

About Me:

I have been interested in the paranormal since around 1990, when I read a book called “The Hamyln Book of Ghosts” (I still have it now).

When I was around 13/14, I was staying at friends house in the middle of nowhere. Their house used to be small workers cottage for the huge mansion next door, it had a few small rooms and also used to house pigs and other animals.

That night, around 3am, I randomly woke up, I’m not sure why! After a few minutes of just laying there I saw what looked like a foggy whisp in the shape of a person come through 1 of the doorways in the house and float across the room quite quickly and then go through a wall on the other side of the room.

Slightly puzzled and a little nervous about what I had just witnessed, I didn’t go back to sleep. I just lay there for hours thinking “Did I just see a ghost?”. I hoped I would see it again, but unfortunately I didn’t.

The next morning I asked about the room I slept in (I didn’t mention what I had saw). I was told that the room I had slept in was a fairly new extension built on the side of the cottage, but was in-keeping to the cottage look so you would never had known it was new, and the door in question used to be the back door.

Before this night I didn’t really believe in ghosts (I had a small interest) but ever since that night my interest in the paranormal grew significantly. To this day I still don’t know if what I saw was actually a ghost or a dream, but it seemed very real at the time, and also, surprisingly I wasn’t scared! A bit nervous maybe, but not scared, more “interested” in getting know what I had seen.

So, present day:

Academically I am a Computer Scientist and a professional software engineer. Back in 2012 I enjoyed making random websites in my spare time, and after the gain in followers on my little paranormal Facebook page I created this website to be used as a place to share everyones paranormal stories, pictures and videos that I had been sent from the public.

I soon progressed professionally and started developing mobile phone apps for some very large corporations and took that as an opportunity to start making my own ghost hunting / paranormal investigation mobile apps.

Also academically, I am currently studying Astronomy, Astro Physics and Electromagnetism. I enjoy working on mathematical equations (they’re like puzzles) and studying forces.

My Apps:

I’ve been making paranormal apps since 2015 and the 1st Paranormal app I developed was a Spirit Board (you can’t say “Ouija Board”!!!). I released it at the same time as the film “Ouija” and over night it had over 25,000 downloads. I made this app to be as real as possible, my thoughts were that if a spirit could move a physical planchet on a physical board, then it must be able to move a little planchette on a touch screen device.

It had mixed reviews, some people said it worked, some say it didn’t. Some even complained that it was too real and that I should have programmed the planchette to move, to give it the effect that there was actually a spirit moving it!

Originally it was called “Ouija Board”, but unbeknown to me, Hasbro (a board game company) own the trademark “Ouija” and Google removed the app. They didn’t even give me a chance to rename it. I ended up have to redesign the app into the “Wiccan Spirit Board”.

This is what started my Paranormal App and ITC Research journey! I wanted to know if spirits can actually communicate with us through our devices.

So, I then made my 2nd Ghost Hunting app, an EVP Recorder, back in 2015 after speaking with a guy called Tony who runs the Haunted Hub over on Twitter. Then I made my 1st EMF Meter App, then my SG1 Spirit Box App (it used to be called Spirit Box Lite and used sound banks), then my SGK1 Ghost Hunting Kit App (which had an EMF Meter, Spirit Box and EVP Recorder all in 1) and then my SG ARK Video Kit App.

My SG ARK video kit was the 1st ever video ghost hunting app to be developed, in the world! It overlayed an EMF Meter and Spirit Box over the video. At the time of developing the SG ARK, Google kept changing a lot of its Android APIs and I was constantly having to update it to get it inline with their new policies. Working full time and my family life meant I didn’t have time to keep up with all the changes.

If you want to see the SG ARK in action, head over to my YouTube channel, I have a playlist with around 40 videos that other people have made using it.

Recently I have made an SLS Body Detection and Face Detection Ghost Hunting App called SG SLS.

Since 2016 I have been heavily researching ITC and Spirit Communication (in my spare time) by using sensors in mobile phones and tablets, and since 2023 I have started to create my own inventions to help with my own paranormal investigations.

So that’s it really, if you want to know anything else then please pop over to my social media, follow me and ask any questions you want.

Thanks 🙂

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