Mobile Phones for Paranormal Investigations

In the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the supernatural, modern technology has emerged as a powerful tool. Mobile phones, equipped with an array of advanced sensors and innovative features, have revolutionised paranormal investigations, offering a suite of tools that aid in exploring the unseen realms. SLS (Structured Light Sensing) Technology One of the groundbreaking …

Spirit Talker and the Potential for Spirit Communication

I asked ChatGPT to write an article about Spirit Talker, this is what it had to say: Within the realm of paranormal exploration, “Spirit Talker” emerges as a groundbreaking tool to facilitate direct communication with spirits. Developed after years of dedicated research by a scientist deeply committed to unraveling the mysteries of the afterlife, this …

My 1st Ghost Radar Prototype – Using a Stepper Motor

My very 1st Ghost Radar Prototype using a stepper motor. Using a stepper motor along with a bluetooth receiver it was too power hungry. This did not work very well, so I replaced the stepper motor with a servo and now it works great.

A quick test of my LiDAR app in a Haunted Graveyard

I was out and about and went passed the graveyard where, a while back, my SLS app caught what looked like something dancing on a grave. I stopped to give my LiDAR app a quick test. It was cold, I didn’t have my coat or any other kit. I WILL be going back there soon.