Paranormal Spirit Bell Ghost App OUT NOW on iOS and Android

The Spirit Bell will send shivers down your spine when the spirits make it ring!! It is an affordable and great alternative trigger object for all Paranormal Investigators around the world. If any of the sensors pick up a change then the Bell will Ring. Simply place the device in any area, click the “Calibrate” button then move away from […]

S:G VR Experiments App OUT NOW

** You will need a set of Mobile Phone VR Goggles to use this app ** Enhance your paranormal Investigations with the S:G VR Experiments. Many experiments used on Paranormal Investigations are still using old techniques and equipment, I am trying to change that now using todays technology. Combine these experiments with the Estes method and see what happens! At […]

S:G LiDAR Infra Red Laser Cam

** IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ ** Introducing S:G LiDAR – Infrared Laser Cam: Unleash the Power of Lidar Vision Discover a new dimension of paranormal exploration with the SG LiDAR – Infrared Laser Cam. This innovative app utilises the cutting-edge rear facing LiDAR sensor or the front facing TrueDepth infrared camera on your device to reveal the unseen world. […]

Spirit Talker ® 

As seen on: Haunted Finders, The Paranormal Files, Twin Paranormal, Bad Cat Paranormal, Exploring Harley, Tommy Amongst the Tombstones, Hauntings with Hodge, Jasko, Omar Gosh, Paranormal XP, What Goes Bump in the Night, Exploring with Josh, Exploring with Zac, Moxleys Paranormal World, Hunting the Dead, TylerReynolds TV, PollyFox Paranormal, HAUNTINGLY Beautiful Adventures, Lomar Mendz, Sam and Colby, WhatThe? Paranormal, F.D.L […]

Spirit Music Box

The Spirit Music Box works similar to the world famous Para4ce PMB, but this uses a lot more sensors! If you would like to find out why I made this app, please have a read at THIS LINK After many years of Researching sensor data for lots of different types of paranormal apps, I have concluded that the best way […]

Spirit Typer

The Paranormal Spirit Typer works similar to the world famous Onvoy Ghost Box, but this app uses more sensors! Most physical ghost hunting hardware uses a type of sensor and most of these sensors are built in to mobile devices. There are 4 Board options to choose from: AlphaNumeric – has all the letters of the English alphabet, 2 space […]

SG SLS Ghost Hunting Camera

Turn your device into an SLS type Camera to detect body like figures / apparitions and faces during your paranormal investigations. This app works very similar to a modified Kinect SLS camera, but without using expensive equipment. It is built upon Google’s Machine Learning Body Detection Suite and Face Detection Suite. Simple to use, just press the Record button to […]