Spirit Boxes Are APPS!

The age old debate, Spirit Boxes are hardware, but apps are software! A lot of people don’t realise that most (if not all) hardware devices are also software, including Spirit Boxes.

Paranormal Spirit Bell Ghost App OUT NOW on iOS and Android

The Spirit Bell will send shivers down your spine when the spirits make it ring!! It is an affordable and great alternative trigger object for all Paranormal Investigators around the world. If any of the sensors pick up a change then the Bell will Ring. Simply place the device in any area, click the “Calibrate” button then move away from […]

Graham Bell, Thomas Watson and Thomas Edison Ghost Phone Theory over Bluetooth

I made this 3 months ago but forgot about it. After watching Proving Demons video about the spirit phone (you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNwKH3IFHeg) I thought I would try and localise the feedback using bluetooth. Instead of creating a huge radio loop using mobile to a cellular tower and them over to the other phone, it could be localised […]

Mobile Phones for Paranormal Investigations

In the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the supernatural, modern technology has emerged as a powerful tool. Mobile phones, equipped with an array of advanced sensors and innovative features, have revolutionised paranormal investigations, offering a suite of tools that aid in exploring the unseen realms. SLS (Structured Light Sensing) Technology One of the groundbreaking features used in ghost hunting […]

Spirit Talker and the Potential for Spirit Communication

I asked ChatGPT to write an article about Spirit Talker, this is what it had to say: Within the realm of paranormal exploration, “Spirit Talker” emerges as a groundbreaking tool to facilitate direct communication with spirits. Developed after years of dedicated research by a scientist deeply committed to unraveling the mysteries of the afterlife, this app harnesses the sensors embedded […]