I have had a lot of reviews from people over the years stating that they won’t use my apps and they will instead use “Real” ghost hunting equipment.

When I ask them “Why?”, it is always the same answer: “Real equipment can’t be programmed to be fake, unlike phone apps!”

I agree, apps can be programmed to be fake!

However, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all “Real” electronic ghost hunting equipment is also “Programmed”. If you didn’t know that then maybe you should look into how electronic equipment is made before telling me that it can’t be faked.

Anything that uses electronic hardware has to be “Programmed” in order to work, just like a mobile phone app, but it uses a programming language that runs on a chip. It’s pretty much the exact same thing, but just a different programming language.

I don’t just make mobile phones apps, I make websites, stand alone software that runs on PC’s and Mac’s, and I also program Arduino’s and make electronic equipment, but not paranormal equipment!

I don’t make electronic paranormal equipment purely because I have to purchase the hardware (mainly all the sensors that they use), then I have to develop a board for them all, plug them into the main chip (or the brain), then I have to develop a program to run on the chip that communicates with all the pieces of hardware attached to it.

Mobile phones come with pretty much every sensor needed to make a piece of paranormal investigation equipment. I don’t need to buy sensors or create an electronic board and solder all the pieces together. Doing all of that is time consuming and can get expensive. Everything I need is already there and available to be used, I just need to develop a program.

For a full and comprehensive list of sensors in Android phones, please have a look here https://source.android.com/docs/core/interaction/sensors/sensor-types

Seriously though, mobile phones are extremely powerful tools and contain more sensors than a NASA space ship (ok, slight exaggeration there, but you get the gist). Most of the phones I own are more powerful than some of the laptops I own.

So it is a lot easier and quicker to just develop 1 program that can run on many different mobile devices (phones and tablets) that already have all of the sensors needed. No hardware/sensors need to be purchased, nothing needs to be physically made, and pretty much everyone has a mobile phone or tablet.

My SGK1 Ghost Hunting kit

EMF Meter – Displays realtime Magnetic field forces around the phone

Spirit Box – Works very similar to other spirit boxes, but uses a sound bank instead of scanning radio waves

EVP Recorder – Records sound through your devices microphone and saves them as audio files. It also displays the current sound metering of the input level through your devices microphone.

So this app / tool has 3 ghost hunting tools built in to it, it is FREE and works on nearly all android devices.

If you were to purchase these as physical hardware devices, you would need to purchase all 3 separately, which could cost you hundreds.

So to finish off, yes apps can be faked but so can physical ghost hunting tools.

In my opinion there is just no point making a fake ghost hunting tool, especially when I use my own apps myself on my own investigations.

Personally, I prefer apps to physical devices, they run on my phone which means I only have to take my phone with me when I do an investigation.