A quick test of my LiDAR app in a Haunted Graveyard

I was out and about and went passed the graveyard where, a while back, my SLS app caught what looked like something dancing on a grave. I stopped to give my LiDAR app a quick test. It was cold, I didn’t have my coat or any other kit. I WILL be going back there soon.

SG ARK – The Worlds 1st EVER Video Ghost Hunting Kit App

I made this back in 2015, uploaded to Google in 2017. I originally made it just for myself to stream my own live investigations on YouTube. It has a built in EMF Meter along the top and a built in sound bank spirit box. The theory behind the sound bank spirit box was audio manipulation.

My Prototype Paranormal Spirit Music Box using an Arduino

A quick demo to show people that I did actually make a “REAL” prototype of a Paranormal Music Box from an Arduino kit I bought for about £30. The Ultra Sonic Sensor has a range of about 7 meters. I am going to 3D print some cases and make 3 of these into an actual piece of paranormal hardware that […]